Twitter acquires Namo Media to bring native ads to its mobile ad exchange

Twitter announced today that it is acquiring native ads platform Namo Media, with the intention of providing native ads capabilities to its network of mobile publishers.

From the Twitter blog:

Since we acquired MoPub last October, we have been working to bring native ads to mobile app publishers in order to create a more seamless and less intrusive ad experience for users. We believe strongly that all app developers large and small should be able to monetize their applications without sacrificing the user experience.

Through MoPub, Twitter has been able to act as the middle man between advertisers and mobile publishers, and with Namo Media, it’ll be able to offer more of the same capabilities with native ads. So far, acting as an ad exchange is expected to be extremely lucrative for Twitter, given how much money Facebook made off a similiar ad exchange for its own platform.  latest acquisition will be more than welcome to its masters on Wall Street.

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