Twenty Years of Covering a Great Beat

Since its debut in 1979, DM News has striven to serve the direct marketing community by delivering timely reporting of the vital news and features that our readers need to compete in a rapidly changing world.

We knew from the start that direct marketing would be a great beat, and direct marketers have proven to be just as dynamic and innovative as we expected – constantly seeking and finding new methods, new markets, new technologies and new media for obtaining competitive advantage by serving their customers better.

DM News was launched as a monthly, but we knew in short order that we had to go to a weekly frequency if we wanted to keep up with the pace of events as the direct marketer’s “primary source of industry news.” The standard was raised again as our staff adjusted to the daily news schedule of the Internet era and our Web site,

Over the years, DM News reflected the staggering creativity of the DM community by introducing a wide array of focused sections, supplements and special reports, ranging from Database Marketing to DM News International.

In the last year, we’ve watched in awe as our weekly Web Marketing News section begat a monthly tabloid on Internet marketing, iMarketing News, which will morph into a weekly in January.

In a 1979 promotion piece announcing the launch of DM News, we wrote, “What can compare with direct marketing in 1980? A big city in the middle of the industrial revolution?” Little did we know at the time that within the next 20 years direct marketing and its kissing cousin e-commerce would actually become the next industrial revolution!

Thanks for providing us with one of the most exciting beats in business history. As you continue to innovate and revolutionize business and commerce, we pledge to do our utmost to provide the news and information you need to keep pace.

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