Tweeter taps Mercury for direct marketing efforts

Tweeter, The consumer elec­tronics retailer, has signed Boston, MA-based direct response agency Mer­cury to spearhead its 2008 customer marketing program. The triggered monthly direct mail and e-mail reten­tion campaign will launch at the end of February. It will target consumers who have recently made their first purchase with Tweeter.

Patrick Reynolds, CMO of Tweeter, said that Mercury approached Tweeter 18 months ago after researching the business. “It had really good expression and creative,” he said.

Before this campaign, Tweeter was more focused on customer acquisition. “We weren’t giving enough attention to our best customers who happen to be very loyal and evangelical,” Reynolds said. “Mercury gave us the tools to do a better job at that.”

Mercury will work with all four of Tweeter’s brands: Tweeter, Sound Ad­vice, HiFi Buys and Showcase Home Entertainment.

“It’s kind of a myth that you only have one customer,” Reynolds said. “We have a lot of different customers that come to us for a lot of different reasons.”

Tweeter’s offerings include electronic entertainment equipment for homes, offices and cars, as well as a custom in­stallation service.

“Tweeter is going about this in a very smart way,” said Shane McAndrew, di­rector of marketing strategy at Mercury. “It is conducting a series of tests in the market to understand which promo­tions resonate with consumers.”

Mercury will also assume responsibil­ity for Tweeter’s transactional database and will perform store performance analytics. “Because it has such rich data, we’re able to create highly relevant and tailored communications,” McAn­drew said. “We’re leveraging customer insight to provide rich promotions for customers and add value to its overall marketing strategy.”

Reynolds said, “Our goal is for our cus­tomers to always be in the loop about the products and services that we offer.”

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