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TV Guide, ABC team for Dancing promo

In a move to increase reader engagement, TV Guide has partnered with ABC to include Dancing With the Stars judge paddles and scorecards in its September 15 issue.

The promotional insert coincides with the show’s September 22 season premiere. Weekly elimination charts will also be polybagged with the issues. The package will be mailed to 100,000 TV Guide subscribers in New York and Los Angeles.

“It’s an added-value piece to readers for being loyal subscribers to the magazine,” said Pete Haeffner, publisher of TV Guide. “Our efforts for the past three years have been focused on innovative creative that has both the advertiser and the reader in mind and brings value to both.”

New York and Los Angeles subscribers were targeted for this promotion because the cities are the top two US media markets. Haeffner said that no specific demographics were targeted as the 100,000 test subjects — just a cross-section from the magazine’s subscriber list.

TV Guide
has previously partnered with ABC — it polybagged ABC-branded hospital gowns with the magazine for the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, and included a tissue packet to hype ABC’s “Feel Good Sunday” lineup.

“We have a strong, ongoing relationship with ABC, doing things that are innovative and fun for the reader,” Haeffner said.

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