Turn On Media to Serve Ads as Computers Boot Up

Turn On Media, a developer of interactive marketing technology, has unveiled a technology, also called Turn On Media, that serves advertisements to consumers while they are waiting for their computers to boot up. The company said the technology is useful for loyalty marketing and branding.

The full-screen messages, called First Impression, can be accessed only by installing Turn On Media software. When consumers turn on their PCs, full-screen messages are displayed. They can either click on a link contained in the ad, which will take them to the marketer's Web page, or hit escape and continue the boot-up process.

“Turn On Media allows companies to capture the attention of their customers at an otherwise idle viewing period at the moment they turn on their PCs,” said Jonathan Joseph, Turn On Media's president/CEO. “Every time they turn on the computers, a full-screen brand message appears.”

Joseph also said that the company's technology combines the branding power of print and broadcast media, without the content limit of banners and e-mail marketing.

Byron White, CEO of lifetips.com, a community of Web sites offering general tips and information to more than 130,000 members, sees Turn On Media's service as a method of driving traffic to his portal and as helping to increase customer loyalty.

“We believe that Turn On Media will … enable us to increase loyalty and foster long-term customer relationships that will, in turn, help us to drive maximum revenue,” White said.

Turn On Media lets marketers target PC users when their computers boot up through a customized media player. New content is served over the Internet. Marketers have access to Turn On Media's Web-based Campaign Manager, which allows them to create and schedule campaigns, as well as access performance reports.

Consumers opt-in to the Turn On Media service and fill out a questionnaire stating their preferences. The company captures such data as the number of times the PC is turned on or restarted, the time zone of the PC, the time of day the computer is turned on, the operating system used, the language of the operating system and the images viewed. The data is captured by the Turn On Media player and sent back to the company's servers whenever there is a live Internet connection.

Turn On Media, Westborough, MA, also said ads can be targeted based on a consumer's preferences or segmentation data provided by the marketer. The service only works with Windows-based PCs.

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