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Tupperware Plans Infomercial Campaign to Boost Distribution

Tupperware, Orlando, FL, , is in the planning stages of a DRTV campaign, sources familiar with its infomercial say. Although the company would not comment, the campaign is expected to launch by fall and would offer a new product line.

The American icon of network marketing does not retail products, but instead relies on live demonstrations to sell and illustrate their use. Nonetheless, limited access to its products is hurting sales.

“The company is aiming to improve access to its products,” said Mike Grant, a household products analyst with J.P. Morgan & Co., New York. “Sales are flagging because they can't get their product into the hands of customers.”

While Grant was unaware of the plan for a DRTV campaign, he said it would be an interesting avenue for the company to pursue. “They would have to walk a really tight rope to be able to enhance consumer access to their product line without infuriating their direct sales force.”

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