Tru-Vantage, Mega Systems Settle FTC Charges

Infomercial marketing companies Tru-Vantage Llc. and Mega Systems International Inc. are among the defendants ordered to pay $1.1 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges of false or unsubstantiated advertising. Kevin Trudeau, the principal of Tru-Vantage and star of several infomercials with a radio and TV talk show format, agreed to settle the charges and pay $500,000 in consumer redress. He also is barred from making false claims in the future for several products produced in conjunction with Jeffrey Salberg, principal of Mega Systems. Those products include “Mega Memory System,” “Eden's Secret Nature Purifying Product,” “Doctor Callahan's Addiction Breaking System,” “Sable Hair Farming System” and “Action Reading.” Trudeau also is required to establish a $500,000 escrow account to assure compliance with the settlement.

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