Trump’s Latest Gambit: TrumpTV on Facebook

Days after news broke that Facebook seriously considered censoring some of Donald Trump’s Facebook posts for hate speech, the candidate’s campaign launched the first of daily Facebook shows. 

The move itself is ingenious and something he should have done much earlier, which only underscores how undisciplined and behind-the-ball the campaign has been. There’s mere weeks left. While it’s not like Trump has ever hurt for media coverage, it’s worthwhile for him to be able to deliver his message directly, especially in the readily made viral factory that is Facebook. No doubt some Trump supporters will be sharing clips with their liberal friends. 

TrumpTV – or more broadly – a daily Facebook video show is something only Trump will be able to pull off, courting his rabid fanbase and non-supporters tuning in to see what off-the-cuff things he will say. 

Whether or not this is a trial balloon for a post-election Trump television channel or streaming service remains to be seen – industry watchers are mixed on whether Trump will have the money or patience for a media company. 

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