Trump Campaign Launches ‘Exclusive’ Black Card

The Donald Trump presidential campaign is offering “Limited Edition Black Card.”

The offer gives supporters the opportunity to donate to the campaign for $35, and in return receive a limited edition Trump Black Card. Trump announced it through an email blast and on his campaign website.

The solicitation – which follows the tongue-in-cheek “Woman Card” offered by the Hillary Clinton campaign in May (for a donation of $1 or more), and takes a page from other so-called black cards, such as the American Express Centurion Card – comes in the form of a personalized email signed by Donald Trump himself.

“Who will be carrying this card? Only those who want to make a strong statement in this election,” the statement said.

The card ploy comes during a time of great tumult, from multiple allegations of sexual assault and rumors that the campaign is ceding some battleground states to focus on others (e.g. pulling money out of Virginia to spend on Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina).

The marketing campaign is devised to not only reward donators but establish a strong enough system of support to defeat presidential candidate opponent, Hillary Clinton, come election time.

“I’m counting on you as my fellow card carrying supporter,” said the statement, “to help see us to victory.”  

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