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TruFan social media platform for sports fan launching

TruMedia Networks is launching TruFan today, a social media platform for sports fans built around local fan communities in 122 markets where a major professional sports team is located.
The platform was designed to allow fans to post, share, vote on and aggregate timely, local sports media content in a fashion similar to what is done on Digg or Yahoo Buzz.
With a lot of media companies scaling back on their coverage of local sports because of financial pressures, TruMedia CEO Rafe Anderson says he sees an opportunity for a service like TruFan.
“As local content becomes more scarce, it will become more valuable,” Anderson said. TruFan will give fans of local teams, whether they live in that team’s hometown or not, a way to stay up-to-date on what other fans find interesting about their team.
TruFan Users will also be able to upload videos, listen to local sports radio streams, sign fan petitions, send e-mail and use a meetup/event application, among other services.
“We want to build out Web applications that enhance the sports fan’s experience,” said Anderson
The communities will be supported by local sponsors, which is key to how TruFan expects to build awareness of the sites.
“Community grows more efficiently when you can partner with trusted brands in individual communities,” said Anderson.
TruFan will generate revenue from merchandising, ticketing, banner advertising, e-mail marketing and blog sponsorships.
The company launched a beta program last year in Boston and established sponsorship deals with AAA, Ace Ticket and the Red Sox Team Store.
TruMedia will also be making the technology behind its platform available to local sports organizations looking to enhance their offering from a social media perspective but that may not have the resources to develop something along these lines.

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