Triton Digital launches targeted mobile advertising platform

Triton Digital, a digital services provider for radio, launched an advertising platform designed to allow companies to target a mobile-only audience and monetize content, said Patrick Reynolds, EVP of marketing at Triton Digital.

Traditionally, Reynolds said, radio broadcasters viewed advertising and marketing as casting a wide net over a large number of listeners. With the advent of online and mobile radio, the ability to target has increased. “There’s a lot of nuance in the digital realm,” he said.

Because Triton’s new platform also targets mobile-only consumers it allows companies to see how effective those campaigns are. “It’s just another tool in their arsenal,” Reynolds said. Mobile consumers are valuable, he said, because there are lots of advertisers who want to capture people on the go.

“Before, we were giving them a lot of data about how many people are consuming your stream,” he said. “This now gives us a much more accurate, specific, drilled-down version of that audience.”

Instead of broadcasting an advertising message to a given number of radio listeners, companies can target specific groups of listeners, allowing them to get more out of their efforts, he said.

Reynolds echoes the message of Pandora founder and CSO Tim Westergren, who spoke at the Re:Think advertising research conference in March. Westergren said that targeting consumers with relevant advertising is an important aspect for sustaining online radio—though such targeting also presents significant challenges.

Reynolds hopes to ease that process. “We’re just making that transition where advertisers want to buy audience and we’re making the technology so that they can do that,” he said.

Triton’s clients are both traditional and online radio providers, including Pandora, Clear Channel and Rhapsody.

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