Trillium Software Debuts Global Technology Alliance

Trillium Software Systems, a division of direct marketing services firm Harte-Hanks, has established technology alliances with various companies to provide clients with integrated customer relationship management services, Trillium said yesterday.

Trillium Software provides businesses with software that cleanses and standardizes global customer information in e-business, CRM and Internet applications.

According to Harte-Hanks, New York, the alliance will provide organizations with integrated software embedded with the Trillium Data Quality standard for global, enterprise-level customer data management. It also will align Trillium with partners that have made their customers profitable through the strategic use of technology.

“Establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships is the goal of our global technology alliance initiative,” said Len Dubois, Trillium's vice president of marketing. “Building relationships with the world's leading suppliers of e-business, CRM and data warehouse solutions ensures that the highest possible data quality is available to organizations whose customers reach across all touch points.”

Trillium's global initiative is made up of three types of partnerships: technology alliance partners, integration partners and international partners.

Trillium's technology alliance partners are primarily software companies that provide Trillium customers with products and applications that are integrated with and complement the Trillium products. Customers include Compaq, NCR, Informatica and Informix Software, which is being acquired by IBM.

Trillium's integration partners are systems integrators that recommend Trillium's products to their customers, frequently as part of a much larger project. These partners include American Management Systems Inc., Accenture, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Trillium's international partners program is designed to accommodate partners with expertise in certain geographic or vertical markets that wish to work alongside Trillium Software. These partners include Agrex Inc., Qarta Sistemas, syn-T-sys and Ntech.

Trillium will announce several new partnerships next week.

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