Trial Offer Locks in Sales for

A trial offer by Inc. has nearly doubled the average order size being produced by its summer catalog.

The offer — “Try 3 Headsets Free for 60 Days” — ran on the cover of the 36-page summer book, which mailed in June.

“We found the position as a three pack gets customers to buy three instead of just one,” CEO/president Mike Faith said. “I've tried it from time to time before, and it's always been a big success. We've tried six packs, but they don't work as well. Three packs work, even though we don't know why.

“The average order is around $500 to $600 since we don't get a lot of multiple three-pack orders,” he said. “But the $500 to $600 average order this is producing is twice as much as our typical average order generated by our catalogs. This pulls in a different set of buyers. A three pack will tend to get larger users and more corporate accounts as opposed to a single buyer working out of a home office.”

Further details are contained across the catalogs' center spread and include a savings of at least $85 off the retail price for those who keep the headsets. Four models are listed and have offer prices of $509.70 to $617.70. Retail prices for the models range from $597 to $744.

The company generates about $1 million monthly in revenue compared with $7 million produced for all of 2002. Revenue in 2001 totaled $3 million.

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