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Transpromo and targeting, why e-mails look distorted, and online brand consistency

Transpromo and targeting, why e-mails look distorted and online brand consistency

How can I make my transpromo messages resonate with targeted audiences?

“There are four easy tips that can help,” replies Paul Lundy, managing director of document outsourcing and communication services and thought leader at Xerox. “The first is C-level support. Having top executives buy into messaging will increase the overall effectiveness of your message.”

Lundy says the next step is educating your company stakeholders so they understand the benefits. “Realis­tic goals are critical when launching a transpromo ini­tiative,” he adds. “First implementing a pilot program and then migrating to a broader campaign could be most beneficial to your organization.”

Consumers respond differently to offers, he warns: “Bad responses don’t necessarily mean the trans­promo campaign failed. Evaluating the success of your campaign after it is completed is always the best way to determine future best practices.”

Why are we hearing that our e-mails are distorted and seeing open rates drop?

“To improve security, increase download times and reduce the amount of advertising, many IT depart­ments have implemented policies resulting in image sup­pression,” says Jordan Ayan, CEO of SubscriberMail.

Ayan cites two recent studies that highlight this trend: a 2007 study by the Email Experience Council that found 21% of the e-mails it reviewed appeared blank when images were turned off; and a recent SubscriberMail survey of b-to-b executives in which approximately 60% of respondents stated that images were turned off on their e-mail clients.

“The solution is optimizing e-mail design elements,” says Ayan. “Our research has shown that when marketers fully optimize their e-mails to highlight key information, regardless of the default setting, the increase in clicks is dramatic — about 87%.”

How can I create and maintain brand consistency on my Web site?

“Customers naturally gravitate to companies that offer consistency and reliability across the spectrum of brand experiences,” notes Daniel Vogelzang, director of operations/CPO, Soldier Design. “Companies that create a consistent brand across all of their services have a loyal customer following because customers maintain relationships with brands, just as with other people. The Web is a great place for marketers to start building brand consistency.”

Vogelzang continues: “Your site should become an instrumental resource to users looking for info. If your customers trust you in person, they should trust you online. You can ensure this by determining cus­tomers needs, providing thoughtful insights, offering technical information and writing good copy.”

He suggests using bullet points for quick scanning, iconography to graphically represent information and detailed photos of your product.

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