Transplace turns to LeadLife to build, manage leads

Transplace, a third-party logistics and supply chain company, has tapped LeadLife Solutions to improve its lead management and nurturing, and encourage attendance at its annual Shippers Symposium.

With this year’s symposium taking place in Dallas, Transplace is using LeadLife’s on-demand software to target symposium invitations to industry leaders in the mid-South region.

“Before, we would fill out thousands of invites and just hope that they were received,” said Bill Hale,   Transplace. “By using LeadLife, we can send a targeted e-mail regarding the symposium, and we know if they read the e-mail, if they visited the landing page and if they visited the site around the symposium. By doing that and tracking registrations, we can track ROI, so that is an immediate paradigm shift.”

The symposium is just one of the many ways that Transplace gathers leads into its database. The company relies heavily on e-mail and direct mail, which it also is using LeadLife to manage. LeadLife software helps the company score and prioritize leads to determine the best time for a sales contact.

 “We have a rich database of leads, and we want to make sure that we stay in constant communication with these customers and that the people we’re reaching are ready to be called and followed up with by our sales team,” Hale explained.

After researching a variety of lead management tools, Hale chose LeadLife for its flexibility and efficiency. The LeadLife system was up and running in the Transplace offices in about a week.

Moving forward, Transplace will use LeadLife to serve verticals beyond its traditional retail and manufacturing customers. Hale said he expects the company to grow revenue and its client base in 2009.

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