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Transform Your Webinars into Immersive Content Marketing

Content marketing is a hot topic for good reason: To cut through the noise you attract audiences by giving before you ask something of them. And the noise surrounding our prospects and customers is greater than ever.

The good news is that webinars provide unique engagement opportunities relative to other content marketing media…especially if you design and deliver them in a purposeful, differentiated way.

Join Roger Courville, CSP, for a different webinar experience to learn:

•           4 reasons why immersive webinars will transform your content marketing strategy

•           A simple 3-step process any presenter can use to turn passivity into activity

•           3 things to change when promoting immersive webinars

•           What to cover in your webinar rehearsal to improve interactions

•           2 ways to make webinars more immersive when the presenter isn’t very good

•           4 ideas for taking interactions beyond “using a poll”

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