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Trade Desk accuses Yahoo of misleading advertising practices

"Trade Misleading"
“Trade Misleading”

The Trade Desk, leaders in programmatic advertising, is accusing Yahoo of incorrectly classifying its inventory as in-stream video, a type of online video greatly in demand. This could potentially mislead investors. If this malpractice continues, The Trade Desk threatens to cease profiting from Yahoo’s video.

In the event that Yahoo fails to correct these discrepancies, The Trade Desk may stop accessing Yahoo’s video inventory through open market or library agreements by June 17. This could escalate to an absolute cessation of Yahoo’s video inventory access, inclusive of direct or private marketplace dealings, possibly happening in July.

Fruitful negotiations between The Trade Desk and Yahoo are currently underway. The Trade Desk aims to reopen conversations and anticipates that the inventory will be correctly declared in the foreseeable future.

Erin Miller, Yahoo’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, has responded by assuring that the company is meticulous in making sure their video inventory matches The Trade Desk’s requirements.

Yahoo under fire for alleged misleading advertising

Miller said that Yahoo will not surrender to The Trade Desk’s demands until complete confirmation of the proposed solution’s viability.

The primary point of contention is in-stream video inventory’s clear understanding, where high-earning ads are attached to editorially curated videos that start automatically or have audio activated. For better transparency, the IAB Tech Lab unveiled revised categories for video inventory in March. The Trade Desk, the principal demand-side platform, was swift to adopt these new video standards.

Simultaneously, The Trade Desk is showing its commitment to high-quality media with a top 100 publisher list and the development of a new product, SP500+, enabling brands to invest in over 500 first-rate publishers. They stress promoting transparency in advertising and encouraging fair competition among online publishers.

The new SP500+ product ensures an enhanced brand presence across premium publishers and a significant return-on-investment for advertisers, showcasing The Trade Desk’s innovative approach to programmatic advertising.

The latest developments in Google’s adtech standards have caused a stir in the publishing industry. Many publishers noted a sudden drop in video ad earnings. In response, The Trade Desk is finding solutions with publishers to buffer the potential loss, highlighting the dynamic ad space’s ongoing challenges and the necessity for custom-tailored strategies.

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