Toyota’s Scion spins out integrated campaign to promote new tC

Toyota Motor Corp.’s Scion division rolled out an integrated marketing campaign on August 16, to promote its next-generation tC sports coupe.

Campaign elements for “Enter the Machine” include search marketing, print, TV, online, cinema and out-of-home. Some are rolling out now, while others like an augmented reality (AR) effort will appear in the coming weeks as part of the three-month campaign. The integrated effort follows an interactive game the automaker revealed in May as part of the promotion for the new car, Unlock the tC Road Trip Game.

“Developing a compelling campaign is always a good challenge for anybody,” said Owen Peacock, national marketing and communications manager at Scion. “[I think] developing our augmented reality game was an interesting challenge to have, as well as the use of 3D technology. We really wanted to create an appealing website so that people want to go onto it and stay [there].”

Peacock said the campaign targets young males under 30.

Scion worked with ATTIK on the overall creative of the campaign. The car company also partnered with several other creative, design and digital agencies and production companies for the different moving parts, including And Company, Imaginary Forces, North Kingdom and Sway Studio.

One of the main goals of the effort is to drive people to an online microsite, Take On the Machine, which resembles a movie poster and teases a film “starring” the tC. Consumers can view images of the second generation model, see specifics about what the new tC has to offer and watch video. Next month, they will be able to view bonus scenes, build their own tC car as well as participate in an augmented reality game.

Peacock said Scion will look to measure results through click-throughs to the site, unique visitors, people who request more information on the new models and ultimately car sales. 

“With some of the things we produced together, such as the augmented reality game, we’ll leave those things up and keep them running, depending on the response and the use of all of the assets,” he said.

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