Townsend Agency Debuts Interactive E-Mail System

Townsend Agency, an interactive marketing company, this week debuted the T-Mail System, a software suite designed to help marketers personalize, track and refine one-to-one e-mail campaigns.

The Rosemont, IL, company said T-Mail is an electronic marketing system that uses customer databases to send unlimited numbers of personalized messages and track individual responses.

“Campaigns can be tailored to achieve virtually any sales or customer research goal,” said David Ives, Townsend Agency's president. “Their only limits are the constraints of a company's customer database and the extent of a marketing executive's imagination.”

The T-Mail System revolves around the T-Card, proprietary rich media messaging software. It is designed to engage the reader's attention, gather information and motivate that reader to take action. The T-Card's design allows for animated personalization using Flash, streaming video, audio, MP3 and HTML, the company said. E-commerce and transaction capabilities can be embedded right into the card for immediate buying.

“We needed an innovative messaging system that could capture the reader's attention while gathering information about that reader in a creative, non-intrusive way,” Ives said.

Also included in the T-Mail System are T-Data (a module that collects and manages customer data throughout an individual's “contact history” and makes it available to other applications) and T-Results (a Web-based platform for creating customizable reports from e-mail and other direct media).

“Either as a fully outsourced service or as a component of an internal marketing department, T-Mail is a quick, flexible and cost-effective way to gain opt-ins, valuable information and completed transactions,” Ives said.

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