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Tourism Queensland – The best job in the world by SapientNitro

Title/Headline: The Best Job in the World
Product/Service: The Best Job in the World
Target Audience: International Travellers
Client Company: Tourism Queensland

Marketing problem: Those seeking an island holiday experience would consider destinations such as the Greek Islands, the Maldives or Hawaiian islands, but were unaware of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Target audience: International travellers

Objective: Raise awareness of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef

Solution: We created ‘The Best Job in the World’ Islands Caretaker of Tourism Queensland. It’s a real, salaried job exploring the islands and reporting back through blogs, photos and video diaries. We used a simple recruitment campaign to drive traffic to islandreefjob.com. Because video applications needed to demonstrate knowledge of the region, our target audience educated themselves about the destination.The campaign achieved worldwide awareness of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef and the unique experiences available there, resulting in:media coverage worth US$180M from a budget of US$1.2M34,684 applicants from 201 countriesOver 475,000 votes for the Wild Card applicants6,800,046 monthly unique visitors to the website (8.62 minutes average time spent)

A Google search achieves about 43,603 news listings; 231,355 blogs.

The campaign has reached an audience of approx five billion through media coverage.

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