Topica Adds Soccer, Cycling E-Mail Lists

Topica Inc., a San Francisco-based Web portal for e-mail newsletters and discussion lists, recently reached an agreement to begin hosting the e-mail lists for the Internet Soccer Fans Association and Cyber Cyclery, two sites that target enthusiasts of both sports.

The ISFA and Cyber Cyclery lists provide Topica with access to a worldwide community of hardcore soccer and bicycling fans who are active participants in their groups. Topica said ISFA members exchange as many as 30 million e-mails per month, while the Cyber Cyclery portal hosts more than 230 e-mail lists.

“ISFA and Cyber Cyclery are a great addition to our growing sports category,” said Ariel Poler, Topica’s CEO. “Here you have clear topics that are interesting and are growing. [The members] are a highly targeted group of individuals and there’s lots of things you can infer from them.”

Poler said the new additions bring Topica’s total number of subscriptions to 10 million and its monthly e-mail deliveries to 250 million. Topica’s main competitor, eGroups, totals 14 million members and monthly e-mail deliveries of two billion.

As part of the deal, ISFA and Cyber Cyclery can sign onto Topica’s Advertising and List Promotion Network, a service that allows list owners generate revenue by letting advertisers place messages on lists they want to target.

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