Top 8 Smartphone Apps Are Owned by Facebook and Google

The Big 3 TV networks of yesteryear have nothing on the domination of the Big 2 of mobile communications. A ranking of smartphone apps released by Nielsen today shows Facebook and Google in possession of the top eight apps in the U.S., two of which moved into the top 10 just this year. The world’s most highly valued company, Apple, serves as the ABC-TV of the group, filling the bottom two spots.

Facebook has long reigned as number one and, with 127 million unique users, it figures to stay there for the foreseeable future. Its big news this year is the arrival of Facebook Messenger in the three spot and Instagram at number eight, up from 31 and 23, respectively, last year.

The remaining five slots in the top eight are all Google, with YouTube’s 98 million users lifting it into second place from fifth at the end of 2014. Apple Music and Maps round out the top 10. As for operating systems, Android rules with 53% penetration of the U.S. user base, 10 percentage points ahead of iOS.

Nielsen obtained these statistics through its Electronic Mobile Measurement system, which is installed on the devices of 9,000 American adults.

SOURCE: Nielsen

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