Top 10 Election-Inspired Marketing Campaigns

Election Day is officially two weeks away. The day will not only determine the next US president, but will also be the culmination of a nearly two-year long campaign season that has produced some of the most memorable moments in US political history.

From press conferences, to debates, to leaked audio, the US presidential campaign process became a veritable hashtag generator. Brands and companies joined in on the action, by creating election-inspired marketing campaigns on social media and television.

In early celebration of Election Day, DMN has compiled the best election-inspired marketing campaigns.


Car company Audi released the “Duel,” presidential debate commercial in September. “The race to be the next Commander-in-Chief has never been fiercer, with the debates heating up to become the duel of the century,” the commercial said. “Audi is bringing you our own version of political satire, with two valets duking it out in an epic, known-down-drag-out fight to the finish for the highest prize of them all.”


In September, Jeep launched the “Free to Be” marketing campaign for the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The commercial displays a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee in split red and blue colors with “If You Want to Sing Out” by Cat Stevens playing over the images.


Last month, beer company Tecate proclaimed in its #tecatebeerwall marketing campaign that “there has been a lot of talk of building a wall, but no action. Until now!” The ad plays on the proposed Mexican wall by Trump.

Bud Light

During the 2016 Super Bowl, Bud Lite ran a marketing ad entitled “The Bud Lite Party.” The campaign spoke of a newly formed presidential party, whereby “beer should have labels, not people.” Notable comedic actors, Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer proclaimed in the ad: “America has seen the light. And there’s a Bud in front of it.”


In February, Chrysler released the “American People” marketing campaign for the Chrysler 200 and Chrysler 300. The campaign was bolstered by actors Martin Sheen and Bill Pullman, both notable for playing presidential characters in film.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue, with help from the MullenLowe agency, launched the “Reach Across the Aisle” marketing campaign in February. The campaign, inspired by the “contentious” nature of the US presidential campaign season, attempted to create a unified agreement by reaching across the aisle and deciding on a destination.

Legal Seafood

Legal Seagood CEO Roger Berkowitz is running for president. Or is he? The #nomames marketing campaign by the restaurant was an election-inspired ad to promote the restaurant through a false presidential ad.

The infamous character Captain Obvious threw his name into the presidential race in February with a fake presidential ad. The success of the ad inspired a state-by-state message from Captain Obvious.


The condom company launched the “Can’t Hide the Election” marketing campaign in February. Playing off of the infamous Trump-Rubio “small hands” exchange during a heated presidential primary debate, the commercial promotes the Trojan Brand Condom Election Season 2016.


The YMCA announced that “Zoe,” who is one years old, wants to run for US president in 2064. However, in order to reach her full potential, she will need opportunities and services the YMCA can offer like early education, childcare, mentorship, college and more.

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