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ToolBox: Web copy tips, customer e-mail validation and using whitepapers for lead generation

Web copy tips, using whitepapers for lead generation and more


Many consumers use several e-mail addresses. How can I be sure I’m mailing to the right one?

Chris Marriott, VP and general manager at Acxiom Digital responds, “Getting and maintaining the right address requires ongoing vigilance. First, the marketer should ensure the consumer gives the right e-mail address by promising something to be delivered immediately via e-mail, such as a coupon, white paper or other e-premium.”

Next, Marriott says that marketers should always include an “add to address book” link at the top of e-mails to enhance delivery. “Finally,” he continues, “the marketer should monitor open and click frequency for e-mail recipients. For recipients whose frequency has dropped off, the marketer should attempt to engage them with an e-mail asking for the best e-mail address. Even if the recipient has given the marketer his or her junk mail address, he or she may check that inbox frequently enough to see that request.”


How can I write effective Web copy?

“Search engines place high value on informa­tion,” notes Ken Wisnefski, president of VendorSeek. “‘Content is king’ has become a repetitive mantra in the Web-o-sphere. Plan ahead, and decide what your keywords are going to be.”

Think of two to three keywords per page, Wisnefski suggests, and place them in the title, headers and key paragraphs. He also advises writers to avoid industry jargon and add color to product descriptions.

Wisnefski also recommends putting pertinent links at the bottom of the page: “You ideally want the reader to get all the way through the information and not leave the page until they are through the copy.” Finally, he says, “Give the search engines a few weeks to index your page. Conduct research in regards to audience response and conversions made. If your page is not doing what you wanted it to do, consider revising or starting over.”


How can whitepapers be improved to increase lead-generation opportunities?

“Whitepapers are effective marketing tools that can drive high quality leads with your target audienc­es,” says George Krautzel, president and co-founder of IT toolbox. He recommends the following guidelines for optimizing whitepapers to maximize their value as lead-generation vehicles. First, “With the title, call out your audience whenever possible, and grab their attention through relevancy,” he says.

Next, Krautzel says, “Describe your whitepaper in a two- to three-sentence abstract, focusing on the needs of your reader. Don’t be too technical; problems and solutions should be comprehensible in real time.” He again stresses relevancy, and adds, “Once you gener­ate the lead, be sure to contact your prospect within one to three days of their download. If you wait too long, they may have lost interest and moved on to something or someone else.”

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