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Toolbox: Sending large files, using new media and using databases in slow economy


How can I send large design files to clients or colleagues when overnight delivery and courier services are becoming more expensive?

“With the growth in digital data, more organizations are turning to secure digital file delivery to send and receive large files and folders too big for e-mail,” replies Paula Skokowski, VP of marketing at Accellion.

“Overnight delivery of design files makes no sense financially or environmentally. Digital file transfer tools can deliver large files (up to 20 GB) in seconds and minutes, no trucks or planes involved,” she adds. “In addition to speeding the collaborative process, secure digital delivery increases information security through file tracking and digital return receipts.”

Skokowski adds that using a digital file delivery tool can reduce not only the cost and time to exchange digital information but can also help to lower a company’s carbon footprint by eliminating the use of trucks and planes for courier and overnight delivery.


How can retailers best use their databases to minimize the effects of the slower economy?

“Changing economic conditions require that you have current data for critical decisions around expan­sion and retraction from markets,” says Kym Kulle, director of market planning for Experian Marketing Information Services. “As retailers struggle to deter­mine which stores to maintain, which to close and where to look for future markets, they need more than just high level data — they need data that show current markets.

“Consumer spending is down overall, but there will always be consumers who remain unaffected and con­tinue to spend,” she adds. “Reaching those consumers with relevant offers is a good way to add them to your customer line up.” Adjusting your multichannel mix for existing customers, such as an offer for free ship­ping from your Web site for those who have to drive further to your retail location, will also help insulate retailers against economic slowdowns.


How can I use webcasts, videos and podcasts more effectively for my marketing programs?

“Often, rich media content, such as webcasts, videos and podcasts, is hidden on corporate Web sites once the initial promotion, product launch or campaign is over,” responds Tom Masotto, GM of Insight24.

“Companies should consider ways to use this recorded content to generate more brand awareness and tar­geted sales leads, he continues. “Though posting con­tent to video sharing services or niche search engines can be great for generating awareness, you have to evaluate the demographics and reach of the site.”

He recommends that content be placed on sites that cater to a b-to-b audience and can deliver information about the viewers. This not only increases awareness among key business and technology purchasers, but also greatly benefits your company from a sales lead generation perspective.

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