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What are the benefits of pairing search and online display?

When the two are combined, results are better than when each is deployed on its own, says Rich Kahn, CEO of search marketing company eZanga.

Research has shown that exposure to both search and display ads from the same advertiser results in a 22% increase in conversion rates over just search, he adds. To capitalize on both of these key Internet marketing channels, advertisers should employ both online marketing strategies, Kahn says.

The key is to strategically place search and display ads while a user is surfing the Web, explains Kahn. For example, when a user is on Google searching for running shoes, a paid search ad for Reebok appears. Then, when the user reads an article about running on, a display ad for Reebok appears.

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How can I use other channels to help a direct mail campaign?

Repetition is key, so leveraging a multichannel approach — whether it be e-mail marketing, social media or search marketing initiatives — allows a brand, and the message to resonate with its intended audience, says Sami Jajeh, principal of Arketi Group.

Marketers can employ a variety of creative concepts and channels in communicating a compelling message through different channels, he adds. Marketers can be edgier in a particular channel if they so choose, but the call-to-action needs to be consistent across the board to ensure maximum synergy within the campaign. This requires more time and resources, but by use multiple touch points, marketers can drive response rates and generate better results, explains Jajeh.


How can pay-per-call benefit advertisers?

“Pay-per-call is very low-risk because advertisers only pay when an ad delivers leads — there is no ambiguity,” says Bill Dinan, president of Telmetrics. Advertisers can easily evaluate the ROI based on the number and value of calls an ad generates, he says. Seeing where leads come from helps advertisers optimize their media spend, and many service-based businesses place greater value on a call compared to a click because they can’t all sell via the Internet alone. Calls from potential customers are leads that are well understood by all advertisers – regardless of size or sophistication, adds Dinan.

“Calls transcend all media and close the online-offline advertising gap because they enable advertisers to track offline conversions from Web campaigns,” he says.


How do I improve my turnaround time using RSS?

As campaigns become more sophisticated, the uses and needs of the e-mail component sometimes evolves beyond the technology’s capacity. Conventional processes for e-mail deployment often don’t allow for real-time or near real-time responses to moving targets, which keeps brands from being able to capitalize on certain timely opportunities, says Derek Harding, CEO of Innovyx.

Toyota has seized the opportunity to capture and disseminate news to fans through weekly Race Reports, which were intended to reach fans on the Mondays following weekend races. Given the time-sensitive nature of the reports, Toyota, Innovyx, Rapp LA and SimpleFeed created an application to send out the race recaps in less than 24 hours through both RSS and e-mail.

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