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Today’s News: Kik’s Impressive Growth and Brands Coming to Virtual Assistants

MAUs be damned: Kik proposes new user engagement metrics for chat apps (TechCrunch)
U.S. teen “super users” — who Kik says make up 10 percent of its userbase — engage in 10 chats per day with an average of 157 minute per session

It’s Siri and Alexa’s World Now. (Huge)
Regardless of whether a company is using Echo’s API or its own proprietary technology, it should find a way to lay claim to its sound.

Sports Illustrated pushes into tech coverage in search of young readers (Digiday)
Publications from Refinery29 to Vanity Fair have expanded their coverage to reflect technology’s pervasiveness in the culture.

Tim Mahlman, head of AOL’s publisher tools, takes charge of the company’s ad-tech business too (TechCrunch)
In Mahlman’s words, he’s become “the one point person” who can bring together the supply and demand side of AOL’s ad business.

What online productivities tools do you use? (DMN)

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