TNCI selects Mimosa Systems to handle its Microsoft Exchange e-mail content

A national provider of voice and data telecommunications TNCI has tapped Mimosa Systems to archive and protect its Microsoft Exchange e-mail environment.

TNCI entered the partnership with Mimosa Systems, Santa Clara, CA, in a move to protect the security of its e-mail content.

“Far too often critical business is conducted through e-mail and that information needs to be treated in the same way important legal and business documents are treated,” said Mike DiBenedetto, network administrator for TNCI, Boston. “This means controlled, centralized access, regular backups for purposes of business continuity, and high availability need to be provided through a common and intuitive interface for our business users.”

According to Mr. DiBenedetto, TNCI was having problems storing messages and attachments for extended periods of time or indefinitely. Since no platform was in place, users would utilize methods within Outlook or remove the messages from the mail server to conserve space.

Since these efforts took place at the client and not at the server level there were issues with stability and availability to the information.

Mimosa’s NearPoint software next-generation e-mail archiving and information management capabilities have enabled TNCI to centralize nearly 100 GB of Microsoft Exchange e-mail data that was previously dispersed across servers, desktops and laptops. The system centralizes the archive live and lets users search this content e-mail from within personal Outlook or Outlook Web Access accounts.

The potential security risks augmented by using the Mimosa platform include tampering with the state and integrity of e-mail, loss of messages due to data corruption or hardware failure, as well as legal ramifications from not being able to retrieve messages. This gives TNCI more control over its messaging.

“Our users are not able to create PST files from their machines or archive data to PST through NearPoint without interaction from IT under special circumstances, which allows us to track the path and full life of all messages that pass through our e-mail server,” Mr. DiBenedetto said.

TNCI is a leading provider of voice and data solutions. The company offers a complete portfolio of telecommunications products including local and long distance service, audio/web conferencing, dedicated IP, integrated voice and data services, private line, frame relay, and enhanced network solutions.

Prior to deploying the Mimosa NearPoint software, the company imposed strict 150 MB mailbox quotas for its employees as a way to manage the overall Exchange messaging database. Because TNCI employees rely on their email for important business communications, including business agreements, letters of authorization and quotes, many began to retain their email data in unprotected Personal Store files located on their laptops.

After reviewing more than half-a-dozen email archiving solutions, TNCI selected Mimosa NearPoint as the single solution that could integrate .PST files into a central archive, improve overall Exchange recovery and arm end users with an intuitive, self-service interface for fingertip access to historical email information.

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