TiVo Makes Some Moves Abroad

Digital video recorder company TiVo, Alviso, CA, made three recent announcements which will help to further brand the company.

When the DVR goes live in the United Kingdom, it will highlight BBC programming on its “Channel Highlight” menu in special themed sections.

In exchange for this, the BBC will ensure that the product is integrated into any existing or new media that is licensed by the British government.

Under a partnership with BSkyB, the TiVo service will launch in the UK in the fall.

In unrelated news, the company also unveiled two new related promotions in conjunction with the upcoming Olympic Games.

First, the company will knock $100 off the service fee for the appliance in the name of the U.S. swim team. The promotion will end Sept. 30.

Second, U.S. swim team members will receive a free set-top box to give to a member of their family who cannot make the trip to the games in Sydney, Australia.

“TiVo wanted to do its part in supporting the national team by giving U.S. swimmers competing in Sydney the peace of mind that their family members and coaches back home wouldn't miss a moment of the action,” said Brodie Keast, vice president of sales and marketing, in a statement.

Meanwhile, the company also will extend an earlier agreement with Nielsen Media Research, New York.

The extension of this agreement will enable Nielsen to release ratings on programs, which will now include people who watch shows after recording them with the TiVo service.

Previously the companies had agreed to work together in a trial to measure public consumption and reaction to DVRs.

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