TiVo delivers diabetes show

Diabetics, pediatricians and their caregivers can get a weekly dose of education and strategic planning with dLifeTV, a national television program airing via the TiVo service.

The show features information for surviving the disease. It will be delivered through TiVo’s new TiVoCast service, which delivers broadband video to the television of TiVo subscribers.

“We are looking for any channels to reach and educate the diabetes audience,” said Howard Steinberg, founder and CEO of dLife, Westport, CT. “TiVoCast is a new thing, so it’s the first time we have done anything like this.”

DLife airs Sundays on CNBC and is the first health-content-based provider for TiVoCast. The show is free for TiVo subscribers with a broadband-connected Series2 or Series3 box. It complements www.dlife.com, where video streams are also available.

DLife ran print and online ads for the program, conducted community outreach via health care professionals and teamed with Wal-Mart and the Oxygen Channel.

Viewers download the program into their TiVo box via dLife’s bite-sized Web stream. DLife has 100 shows compiled in its broadband library.

“The shows have a very high production value that is lifestyle-driven,” Mr. Steinberg said. “We have content ranging from diabetic cooking to real people with real stories to athletes living with diabetes.”

Each show runs five to 15 minutes and features additional expert interviews. DLife also promotes its membership program through the shows. Joining the dLife community is free, and subscribers get a blood glucose monitor and a weekly newsletter.

The shows are part of a running campaign. DLife has not compiled results yet.

“We plan to continue our expansion into broadband,” Mr. Steinberg said.

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