Timed e-mail offer unites the perfect pair to capture travel spending

“Arrive in style” was the e-mail slogan sent by Banana Republic and Virgin America Airlines to a colleague of mine. Not long after booking a ticket with Virgin America, my colleague, who was already a subscriber to Banana Republic’s newsletter, received this e-mail. It offered a short-lived, promotional discount in honor of her impending trip.

This promotion caught my attention because of the undeniable rel­evance of the co-branded offer: people shop before going on vacation, so it is ingenious to have a tie-in between a clothing shop and an airline — especially one that expires soon after the scheduled trip.

One reason this offer works is because it is geared to those who are already spending their discretion­ary income. By offering an incentive that is linked to travel plans, the offer makes users and travelers think, “You know, a new jacket for the trip would be nice.”

The relevance of the offer, coupled with the urgency, makes it an excellent example of how direct marketing efforts can be shaped around targeting techniques to present consumers with enticing offers that convert into sales.

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