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Time Warner companies team with Adobe to secure content revenues

Turner Broadcasting System, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Home Box Office (HBO) have allied with Adobe Flash Plat­form to more fully monetize their online video and other Web content.

The partnership will allow the three com­panies to better protect their content and understand online video performance and audience measurement, said Jennifer Taylor, director of product management for Flash creation and distribution at Adobe.

“As more sites embrace Flash as a video platform, it opens up an opportunity for engaging advertising experiences… within video content,” Taylor said. “It’s a net good for the overall marketing industry.”

The Adobe Flash Platform powers a num­ber of Turner’s sites including TheWB.com and WarnerBros.com.

“We’re looking for more meaningful ways for advertisers to understand the context of our content so they can better contextualize their ads [on our properties],” said Mike Wise, Turner’s group technical advisor of strategic audience solutions.

While HBO.com does not use online advertising, it will use the Adobe platform for its upcoming site relaunch.

Adobe’s Flash Media Rights Manage­ment Server is a tool for helping companies protect their digital rights online.

Taylor stressed the importance of con­tent protection being part of entertainment companies’ business models.

Wise concurred. “We’re in the content business, and we want to profit from our content. The extent that our content is avail­able [elsewhere] isn’t good for business,” he said.

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