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Time raises stand price by $1

Time magazine will raise its newsstand price by $1 to $4.95 beginning Nov. 20.

The newsweekly also has said it will be decreasing its rate base 18 percent, from 4 million to 3.25 million, beginning in January. It plans to make a transition from a rate base model to an audience-selling model.

The changes will go into effect the same time the publication moves its on-sale date to Friday.

Time will rely on subscriptions that are individually paid, as well as other sources of subscriptions that have proven attractive to advertisers.

Time advertisers will have the option of purchasing ads based on the new rate base or the new audience guarantee of 19.5 million readers per issue. Time will use Mediamark Research Inc.’s Issue Accumulation Study to support its audience guarantee.

The publication also aims to further develop and support research to measure the combined audience of its multimedia brand.

Domestic offerings will be streamlined by reducing the number of targeted editions from eight to three. Only Time Global Business, Time Style & Design and Time Select will continue to operate as normal.

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