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Time Life Pays $30,000 for State No-Call Charge

Time Life Inc. agreed to pay $30,000 in civil penalties to settle a complaint that it violated Pennsylvania's no-call statute, the Pennsylvania attorney general's office said yesterday.

The state received complaints from 30 consumers who said they got calls from Time Life despite their having registered to the state's no-call list, the attorney general's office said. The violations occurred from November 2002 to March 2003, and the company committed a further violation by failing to obtain the state's no-call list, according to the attorney general.

Time Life admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement. On top of the civil penalty, the company paid $2,000 for investigation costs and agreed to comply voluntarily with the state's no-call rules in the future.

The announcement of the settlement came a day after Direct Holdings Worldwide, the parent company of Lillian Vernon, said that it had purchased Time Life from Time Inc. Time Life had been Time's music and video direct marketing subsidiary.

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