TigerDirect sets sights on better customer service with Assurz partnership

Electronics retailer TigerDirect has selected customer service provider Assurz to update the shopping experience at TigerDirect.com, in its retail stores and through its catalogs.

The retailer plans to implement the Assurz 100-percent Satisfaction Guarantee as a part of its holiday sales approach and ongoing customer service strategy. TigerDirect says the move is part of its ongoing commitment to, and track record in, pioneering new service offerings for the benefit of its customers.

“We are always trying to make our Web site as consumer-friendly as possible and give our customers all kinds of options,” said Bruce Matthews, VP of business development at TigerDirect.com. “When we came across Assurz, we saw [its service] as adding value to the customer experience, especially with the holidays coming up. We hope that by offering more customer services such as this that we can convert more shoppers into buyers.”

Miami-based TigerDirect sells an extensive range of computers, electronics, accessories and components, and has a firm emphasis on customer service, including same-day shipping, frequent customer updates, no restocking fees, extended warranties and multiple payment options, including PayPal.

The Assurz Satisfaction Guarantee works by letting customers purchase Assurz as part of the online checkout process. By purchasing Assurz for a small percentage of the cost of the item, consumers can have access to an extended returns period of 90 days and obtain a full refund if not completely satisfied with their purchase. This includes all fees, including shipping and handling. Assurz manages the entire process including customer assistance, pre-paid returns and re-distribution.

“Tiger is very keen on extending its customer service as much as it can, and it saw this as a good opportunity to expand this service,” said Steve Hoffman, CEO of Assurz, Redwood City, CA. “For customers who are concerned about the 30-day return deadline, they can purchase the extra security with our 90-day return policy.”

This is a critical time for TigerDirect, as it, and other companies, aim to drive sales for both the holidays and for unfamiliar products.

“When a customer is buying for the holidays early in the season, now they can keep the gift around longer and not have to worry about return deadlines,” Matthews added. “Or if a customer is buying a product from a brand they don’t know, they have more time to keep the item around and make sure that they like it.”

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