Three ways to boost site-wide relevance and conversions

Search marketers spend plenty of time and money on their campaigns, but how much of it is wasted? Whether visitors enter a site at the homepage or through a product, landing or content page, marketers must make the experience relevant, keep the visitors on-site and move them to a conversion. Only by delivering personal on-site experiences can marketers achieve the best return for their marketing spend.

Optimizing a site is worth the investment since it improves the effectiveness of all marketing activities. As site stickiness increases, every marketing e-mail, TV ad or search keyword can produce conversions. Creating a bridge of consistency from these external promotions on through the site to conversion enables marketers to extend relevance further. Specific to search, improving overall conversion rates for a site increases the accuracy of keyword data; when marketers remove a keyword from a program or decrease a bid price, they are more confident in doing so. Here are three ways to boost your campaign’s stickiness:

— Match site content to the pre-click message driving the visitor. Test content alternatives to determine what is most compelling.

— Create and apply visitor segments based on priority criteria (referring search engine, referring keyword, PPC keyword,
geography, etc.) and serve content and promotions accordingly.

— Improve product recommendations offered through automated merchandising, increasing order values and revenue per visit.

These approaches often produce results in mere days. A/B and multivariate testing enable marketers to analyze variable page experiences and implement the best content combination. Applying customer segments take testing further; creating unique content for segments helps ensure that on-site experiences feel unique and personalized. Effective product recommendations also work wonders, but marketers should do more than cross-sell. Product recommendations offering visitors similar, competitive or complementary alternatives streamline browsing, buying and more.

Once marketers have personalized and optimized their own site, they can then move onto auditing and optimizing search programs based on conversion data.

Marketers who do outbound marketing well can expect improved returns from their search program and other marketing channels for that matter, online or off.

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