Three data companies merge for global analytics offerings

Business intelligence and data companies Attensity Corp., empolis GmbH and Living-e AG have merged under the name Attensity Group. Global headquarters will be located in Palo Alto, CA.

The move expands the companies’ global footprints and allows them to cross-sell each others’ data offerings, which include information management applications from empolis, multi-channel communication and information management from Living-e, and deep text analytics software from Attensity Corp. Attensity Group’s portfolio of offerings now includes an online self-service portal, which allows agents to access and analyze data; automated response management; voice of the customer technology dealing with individual feedback and online “buzz”; research and development on internal and external data; and data analysis.

“These three companies had really been focusing on applications that had an impact on business users, and the decision was made to bring them together so we could have a broader reach and larger application suite that solved very specific business problems,” said Michelle de Haaff, VP of marketing and products. “Coming to the party with different technologies and combing them all allows each company to become that much more together because they’re able to leverage the full breadth of semantic technologies.”

The three companies have been selling each other’s products through sales agreements for about a year, but actually combining their powers gives them economies of scale, explained Ian Hersey, global CTO, Attensity Group.

“It’s really a function of the economy and the fact that companies are looking for ways to retain customers and drive customer relationships because getting new customers is very expensive,” De Haaff said. “What all these companies bring to the party are technologies that can play into that, so with these products combined we are able to analyze the customers and their issues and provide a logical response.”

All three companies have traditionally sold to large enterprises and government organizations and will continue to do so, with the goal of cross-selling more among existing clients as well as expanding their client base as Attensity Group. Existing clients include Travelocity, Medicare and Nokia.

CEOs from each of the three companies are all taking on new executive roles within the Attensity Group. Ian Bonner is president and CEO of Attensity Group, leading Attensity in the US and empolis in Europe. Ian Hersey is the global CTO, and general manager roles are filled by Craig Norris — formerly CEO of Attensity — in the Americas and Stefan Wess in Europe. Some employees have been added in the US, and some restructuring has taken place in Europe.

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