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This cringeworthy “Let’s Get Social Video” is going viral for the wrong reasons

I’m struggling for words to describe this video because I’m still stunned (and still feeling a little queasy) from the 5 minutes and 14 seconds I’ve just spent in its company.

Suffice to say it was a “special treat” laid on for attendees of Social Media Marketing World who had paid $1300 for what otherwise actually looks like a pretty good event.

In a crazy moment reeking of gargantuan hubris, someone thought it was OK to spend time writing and rehearsing this “song” and then inflicting it on an unsuspecting audience.

This, in my opinion, is where the lack of self-control some marketers have when it comes to “social” really does the rest of us no service whatsoever.

One of the biggest pain points I have with my clients is around persuading late-comers of the seriousness of being tardy in a fast-moving and dynamic digital environment.

Even thinking a ditty like this was a good idea past the whiteboard, let alone actually filming, editing and uploading it to YouTube, sets us all back in our quest to persuade reluctant digital adopters that social media platforms absolutely hold value within an integrated marketing strategy.

The guys from #SMMW14 really should have known better.

Yes “social” has its place in marketing.

But no. Let’s NOT go social. Not like this.

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