This British Airways ad will make you call your mom

British Airways India is taking a page out of Coke’s book by creating an emotional short film, moonlighting as an advertisement. 

This five-minute video, made by Ogilvy and Mather, New York drives home the point about British Airways providing experiences, not flights. It tells the story of Ratnesh, who moved to New York from Mumbai when he was 17 and hasn’t seen his mother since. British Airways tricks his mother into thinking they’re going to deliver Ratnesh’s favorite home cooked meal to him from her, but in fact, they end up delivering Ratnesh at her doorstep. The video hits all the right notes, with some gorgeous shots of Mumbai and an emotional climax that’s sure to tug at your heart strings.  It’s a great example of how organic content can be so powerful, especially if the message is relatable and authentic. 

Watch the video. Then call your mom. 

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