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*Third Time May Be a Charm for Online Database Auction

Financial direct marketing firm Market Logistics Group Inc., Winter Park, FL, is hoping that the third time is a charm for its online listing of 200,000 house file names of active U.S. investors, which will be posted today on the askad.com auction site after having been rejected by Yahoo and eBay.

“All the attention given to the listing of the database still hasn’t gotten me anywhere in terms of selling it,” said Michael Dambro, president of Market Logistics. “I am hoping to end my 15 minutes of fame, find some buyers and move on.”

After the potential Yahoo and eBay sales were terminated, other auction sites offered their services to Dambro. The decision to list with askad was made after Dambro talked with the owner of the site Thursday.

The database auction was originally posted July 31 on the Yahoo auction site. By the next afternoon, Yahoo had removed the auction and informed Dambro that the removal was because of a violation of Yahoo’s terms of service and privacy issues, but would not elaborate.

Eventually, Dambro received an e-mail from Yahoo, and he noted that Yahoo appeared to have modified its e-mail template to include “personal contact information” in its list of prohibited items.

As a result, Dambro placed his database on eBay on Aug. 1 after searching fruitlessly for a telephone number to ask eBay if his auction would be allowed. Two days later, eBay contacted him via e-mail to notify him of the cancellation of his listing. The e-mail said in part, “eBay does not allow the listing of auctions for lists of bulk e-mail addresses.”

“The lists that I am selling do not even contain e-mail addresses,” Dambro said.

The file segments Dambro is attempting to sell consist of names and telephone numbers of consumers interested in investment opportunities.

The sale of this list offline would not raise an eyebrow in the direct marketing community.

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