Third Screen: Soulja Boy on first mobile promotion for Interscope

Interscope Geffen A&M Re­cords, in an effort to generate awareness of the music brand and promote its re­cording artists, has launched a mobile marketing campaign with mobile mar­keting firm SendMe Mobile., SendMe’s site for mobile games, will feature a sweepstakes cam­paign for recording artist Soulja Boy Tel­lem, whose single “Crank That” has sold more than 6 million digital downloads and ringtones.

“The campaign is targeting teens and 20-somethings who are always on their mobile phones,” said Russell Klein, co-founder/CEO of SendMe Mobile.

The game is simple: Players must guess the lowest number that no one else has guessed by the end of the sweepstakes. The cost of entry is $1 an entry or $10 for 20 entries per day. Anyone over age 13 can play online at or through a mobile phone by texting “SBTE” to 23687.

“Playing these games gets these con­sumers familiar with using their mobile phone as a game system and a place to look for content,” Klein added.

The winner of the Soulja Boy Tellem Sweepstakes will win an all-expenses-paid trip to London for two to meet the artist and his entourage. The winner will accompany Soulja Boy Tellem to press interviews and parties. The winner of the Soulja Boy game, which began in Janu­ary, will be announced later this month.

The Soulja Boy Tellem Sweepstakes is the first in a series of artist-related prizes created by Interscope to be offered on

The company has plans to leverage the mobile channel as a way to reach youth and distribute music content.

“Interscope is a great partner for us, because we look for partners that can offer unique prizes to consumers, like a chance to meet these artists,” Klein add­ed. “It works for the labels because they are looking for ways to take artists out of the music realm and turn them into merchandise and a brand.”

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