to Debut DM Aspect

Online community (, New York, will introduce in the next two weeks a new direct marketing and retail service for its more than 2 million members and 7.5 million users.

GlobeDirect will feature products from categories such as computer software, hardware, DVD movies, electronics, hi-tech toys and gadgetry. Products tie into the demographics and interests of members, who range in age from 18 to 35.

“With globeDirect, we can now blend direct response initiatives with community functionality,” said Stephan Paternot, co-CEO of

Consumers must first be members of, which provides chat rooms, bulletin boards, forums, multiplayer gaming, e-mail, instant messaging and the tools to build a Web site. Members join the globeDirect program by providing their e-mail addresses in one of the opt-in boxes on the site.

To make a purchase, members will have to send a request on what type of products they are looking for via e-mail. After receiving the request, will send them a return e-mail with an embedded URL that consumers can click on and be linked to a page with a description of the product and the offer.

After opting in for globeDirect, members will begin to receive direct e-mail offers on products related to the areas they have expressed interest in. If a consumer wishes to purchase that offer, they will be asked to click on an embedded URL, which will direct them to a page with a full description of the product along with the “special offer” details.

To become a member of online community, consumers must visit the site and fill out a registration form, which includes a section where consumers check off their areas of interest.

Jennifer Zwiebel, media liaison for, said it would inform its current and prospective members about globeDirect through a listing in's services area along with an information section about globeDirect posted on its home page.

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