TheFind launches eco-friendly search engine

TheFind, Inc., a shopping search engine and Web destination for discovering lifestyle goods, launched a shopping search engine Website dedicated to finding products from eco-friendly retailers and brands.

The Website features only organic products, products developed using ecologically conscious processes, or those offered by retailers who are actively committed to preserving the environment.

“I think that the strategy and challenges are interrelated,” said Larissa Hall, VP of marketing at TheFind. “Namely, we are addressing the ever-growing consumer interest in making purchasing decisions based on environmentally conscious factors. Companies and brands that address product development in an organic, eco-conscious manner are growing in number and success.”

According to a recent study released by GfK Roper Consulting, New York, the majority of consumers (79 percent) have indicated that a company’s environmental practices are important in making key decisions regarding the products they purchase.

To facilitate and accommodate the increasing consumer support of eco-friendly retailers, TheFind, Mountain View, CA, now offers consumers a way to support both the preservation and conservation efforts of retailers and manufacturers. Search results from TheFindGreen will include organic brands, green stores and environmentally friendly products across all categories – including clothing, food and beverage items, household goods and beauty products.

“ is a unique shopping destination, because we find all products, brands and stores from across the entire web,” Hall said. “We currently find over 190 million products from over 500,000 stores. This enables us to deliver not only a comprehensive shopping experience at, but it also enables us to bring together shopping communities that fit certain niches. TheFindGreen is a wonderful example of this.”

In November, the company will launch its newest Color for a Cause Program, which allows consumers to search for products of a certain color in support of charitable organizations.

It will kick off the series of partnerships with a “green” campaign supporting an environmental charity, and will continue the program in the coming months with leading national charities, offering TheFind shoppers a way to give back through their product searches.

“The challenge for shoppers is simple – how do they find all the green stores that are out there,” Hall asked. “If you search for ægreen stores’ at Google, you get a few stores, some blog postings and other unrelated shopping information. You also get advertisers that are promoting various green endeavors, some of which are shopping-related and others that are not. In other words, it is not an optimal experience.”

TheFindGreen is optimized for shopping, and always includes all of the stores that fit into this category – the results are not limited by showing only those stores paying to be there.

“TheFind is building a comprehensive shopping search experience, with targeted, specific search destinations that meet consumer demand across multiple categories,” Hall continued. “Recently, we acquired to offer our consumers a dedicated fashion shopping search engine. Now, with the launch of TheFindGreen, we’re addressing consumer demand to support, conserve and preserve the environment – which has been a rapidly growing area of interest for consumers.”

“We’re essentially making it incredibly simple and easy for consumers to ægo green,’ and we think that, given the option to support the environment, consumers will choose to do so.”

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