Targets Decision Makers

The Daily Deal, a year-old daily print newspaper with an international circulation of 40,000 deal makers, is slated to launch an Internet presence this month called

To promote this new destination as well as its publication, the company is rolling out a mix of grass-roots and print marketing campaigns.

The Daily Deal as well as its online presence,, provides news, financial information and analysis on the structures and financing of deals as well as other pertinent topics.

Its sister site,, will offer more robust information and tools for deal makers, such as a career center and discussion areas.

“The point is, there's a lot of different ways to make it work for you, whether you are a legal professional, corporate executive or investment banker,” said Carol Parish, vice president of marketing at The Deal LLC, New York.

To promote the company's properties to the deal making community, street teams handed out 4,000 issues in Manhattan last week. The teams also will appear the last two weeks of the month to help push the new site.

Parish contracted The Hired Guns, New York, for the guerrilla effort. The Hired Guns provide “opportunistic marketing” and interim consulting for the new economy.

Other guerrilla efforts are under way in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. They include mobile billboards and commuter transit ads.

Perhaps the most original effort kicked off last Friday in San Francisco. A sailboat bearing the company's logo began covering the waterfront. A barge is expected to join the effort today. “The most fun that we've had was born out of the challenge of trying to make an impact in San Francisco,” Parish said. “It's a very popular market for [guerrilla marketing efforts].”

Print ads for the properties began Sept. 25 and will run throughout the fourth quarter in targeted verticals such as Barron's and Investor Relations magazine. The company also made buys in the ad industry trades.

The Deal LLC labels itself an integrated new-media company for deal makers worldwide. It is wholly owned by U.S. Equity Partners, a private investment fund sponsored by Wasserstein Perella & Co. Inc.

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