The Wednesday Stack: Partners and Pirates

Let’s see what came over the virtual transom recently, starting with some news which makes sense from Zylotech and Bombora. Zylotech is the Cambridge, Mass.-based B2B CDP.  Earlier this year we partnered with them to talk about personalized marketing at scale. New York-based Bombora analyses third-party behavioral data to detect intent. You think those two things might go together?

You would seem to be right, as a new partnership announced yesterday introduces Bombora’s intent data feed to Zylotech’s CDP. Both parts of the puzzle are AI-driven. Bombora ingests millions of B2B-sourced data points, using AI to automate the detection of demand for products and services. Zylotech will be able to use this data to enrich the customer profiles which are the foundation for micro-segmentation and personalized targeting. The twin benefits claimed are identifying new qualified leads, and boosting retention by sending timely and relevant messages.

Said CRO Patrick O’Brien in a release: “Marketers can personalize their campaigns specifically to the buyer’s intent, allowing sales to focus on buyers with expressed interest.”


Cisco, the global network provider, is a big fish to reel in, but a global agency just did it, with Isobar being named Cisco’s digital marketing innovation agency of record. This means, we’re told, that Isobar will be “embedded” in Cisco’s New Experiences division, helping to develop future-looking, innovative solutions. ““Our New Experiences Organization is on a mission to reinvent the way Cisco approaches our digital business,” said Devin Hood, Cisco’s director of digital experiences in a release. Isobar is telling us to expect “big ideas,” and hopefully we’ll find out what some of them are later this year.

Regular readers might remember our visit to Isobar’s innovative NowLab in New York.


Did we leave last month’s Amazon Prime Day behind?  Not quite yet. As we learned, students and parents never really get out of buying mode for school supplies. Prime Day became the unofficial start to the Back to School season, which runs well into September, especially for college students who need to fill up their dorms after moving in on campus. Local-focused ad platform ZypMedia has kept an eye on the OTT angle. They see Back to School as another gauge of the overall rise in streaming TV. (Politics could be another indicator.) They find OTT representing 40 percent of Back to School campaigns. Digital display campaigns are only slightly ahead, at 44 percent. Certainly the momentum is in OTT’s favor. But regardless of the channel, the campaigns are simply “spread across more mediums.”

And it’s not just your ruing the end of summer, or an issue of faulty perception – yes, the campaigns are indeed starting earlier. According to ZypMedia’s research, 70 percent of advertisers went with longer-term campaigns lasting over 30 days. — Chris Wood


Finally, tickets are now on sale (with early bird pricing) for our September 19 celebration of this year’s 40UNDER40 winners. We announced the winners onMonday, and we’ve also disclosed our plan to take to the high seas with as many of them as we can pressgang (well, September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day). Please walk the planks with us; this is going to be a special evening of feasting and networking. Information and tickets are available here.

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