The Wednesday Stack: Legislation, Integration, Recommendations

Just some quick news hits from the New York snow globe where we live. Not unrelated to the looming shadow — or positive opportunities — of GDPR, Demandbase yesterday announced the appointment of a Chief Privacy Officer. Fatima Khan joins the San Francisco-based ABM specialist from a legal role at mobile ad platform Airpush.

A career attorney in the tech space, Khan’s appointment highlights the need for vendors and brands dealing with internationally sourced personal data to negotiate the legal as well as the technical traps of the sweeping European legislation. With Demandbase’s DemandGraph product processing terabytes of data every month, the need for a robust approach to GDPR is obvious. More about the new data environment at our GDPR Week page.


Announced today, LinkedIn is regularizing the roll-out of new features for its Sales Navigator offering. It’s all about growing up, said Doug Camplejohn, head of product for sales solutions, in a blog post. Whereas early iterations of the tool were created on the run, through instant releases and limited integrations with other tools, starting today Sales Navigator will update on a quarterly cycle, with advance warning and training. In Q1 2018, several new features are joining the already launched Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP); SNAP surfaces Sales Navigator insights in applications sales professionals already use (CRM, marketing automation, and so on). Other features include:

  • Enhanced Account Pages
  • Auto-saved search preferences
  • Custom sales alerts
  • Easier seat transfer


Finally, among the many customer journey-related tools getting an AI brush-up, call transcripts. CallRail recently added Call Highlights to its existing transcript keyword spotting solution. Keyword spotting relies on pre-programming for the words and phrases a brand seeks to capture. The new feature pro-actively identifies and recommends new search terms. Users receive near-immediate email reports on completed calls, reports which will now highlight new recommended keywords.

Indeed, if we need an alternative term for AI, applicable across the board, it might just be “automated recommendations.” But AR is already taken.


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