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The Wednesday Stack: Convergence Everywhere

Salesforce yesterday announced new B2B adtech capabilities in the marketing cloud with lead analytics for Facebook. The move recognizes Facebook as a significant platform for B2B campaigns, and Salesforce move offers greater insight into how those campaigns are performing.

Marketers will now be able to track prospects from initial engagement with ads, through becoming qualified leads, to conversion. They will also be able to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of individual ads. Salesforce will ingest the data via the Facebook lead ads API. Lead analytics are available immediately for Salesforce Pardot and Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio Enterprise Edition customers. Talk about “MadTech” (that’s the convergence of marketing and adtech, and talk about it we will).


Most people, when they think of B2B marketing via social, still think first of LinkedIn, which had its own announcement yesterday, related to the convergence of marketing and sales: the integration of Sales Navigator and Campaign Manager. Sales Navigator leads and accounts will now appear in the Campaign Manager UI, giving marketers the ability to tailor campaigns directly to prospects their sales reps are engaging with on the platform. Conversely, sales reps will be able to see how leads are interacting with campaigns. The data will update daily.

LinkedIn is also playing the API game with SNAP, the Sales Navigator Application Platform, making it easier to integrate partner tools across the sales stack with Sales Navigator. A display API will allow the embedding of Sales Navigator profiles in other tools. An Analytics API will enable advanced reporting. Among the initial partners are Act-On, Demandbase, Engagio, HubSpot, Marketo, and Oracle Eloqua.


Here are some other stories which made the wires tremble this week:

  • Following its recent acquisition by SAP, Gigya introduced the Enterprise Preference Manager, a centralized solution for managing customer preference and consent settings. Visibility into consent is going to become a necessity for international enterprises once GDPR comes into force. The Manager will store consent activities securely and audit-ready. Perhaps anticipating demand, it’s available independently of Gigya’s signature identity management offering.
  • Sprinklr, that billion-dollar unicorn, has been busy enhancing its Experience Cloud. More than social media management, Sprinklr continues its move into the broader CX management space by adding a unified content marketing calendar of record, bringing together strategy, execution and reporting. Its also embedding ratings and reviews into the Sprinklr dashboards, and offering location insights based on social listening and industry-specific text analytics.
  • MediaMath announced the roll-out of the IAB’s ads.txt open standard across its entire supply footprint. The “ads” in ads.txt stands for “authorized digital sellers.” The IAB initiative creates a public directory of companies authorized by publishers and distributors to sell their inventory. “Bringing ads.txt into our arsenal of fraud prevention resources strengthens our ability to protect our clients,” said Lewis Rothkopf, General Manager of Supply at MediaMath in a statement.


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