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The Wednesday Stack: Adobe Re-Architects the Experience Cloud

Headline news from Adobe Summit 2018 in Las Vegas: the next generation Adobe Cloud Platform is here. We’ll be getting into the details, and questions arising, in coverage to come, but know now:

  • Adobe is highlighting a new architecture for the Experience Cloud, featuring a unified customer profile (Experience Cloud Profile) which will trigger AI-powered personalization
  • Also using AI (Sensei), Advertising Cloud Creative will allow users to generate countless versions of ads in real-time, dramatically reducing time and cost involved in re-design
  • The Experience Cloud is GDPR-ready
  • The launch of Adobe Experience League, a program providing guided learning for Experience Cloud users
  • Adobe and Microsoft are extending their global partnership into China to help brands deliver experiences to customers in a market of growing importance
  • Adobe is partnering with AI specialist NVIDIA to enhance its AI and deep learning technologies 
  • Plus Adobe Analytics will now reach streaming audio.

Rewiring the entire enterprise for intelligence, putting data and content to work at scale, and recognizing that people buy experiences not products. Those are some of the main themes sounded from the main stage. Look out for our in-depth coverage.


In other news, the UGC platform Bazaarvoice is also talking about personalization. Yesterday it announced a new initiative to help commerce brands target personalized product recommendations, based not on who shoppers are, but what they’re looking to purchase. Thanks to the scale of its network, Bazaarvoice estimates that it can see what a third of consumers are thinking of buying before they even arrive at a retailer’s website. Bazaarvoice personalization data can be combined with other data retailers are using, and other personalization engines. It’s now available to selected clients in North America.


Finally, let me draw your attention once more to the 2018 DMN Marketing Hall of Femme.  Nominations, both for Hall of Femme and Women to Watch, are open; but there’s less than two weeks to go.  Time to act.

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