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The Unhealthy State of Enterprise Marketing Work

The nature of our work — especially as marketers — has changed profoundly over the last several years. Companies are getting bigger, with systems and teams increasingly spread out across the globe. Unfortunately, collaborative communication tools and processes are not keeping pace with this growth and the new paradigm that comes with it.

According to a new study by Workfront with Harris Interactive, workers are being pulled away from their work by tools and practices that are supposed to make them more productive. Ultimately, these inefficiencies can turn into conflict, misalignment, increased turnover, wasted resources, and lost opportunities.

During this live discussion with industry experts we will explore:

  • What keeps marketers from getting things done?
  • Where do current processes and productivity tools fail?
  • How can marketing leaders drive more effective collaboration in an increasingly distributed and decentralized work environment?
  • What causes conflict between teams and departments?
  • How do employees know which work really is highest priority, when multiple people are asking them to deliver now?
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