The Tweet Beat: Marketing Heartbleed

The entire world’s been bugging out over Heartbleed—what it means to brands, to personal security, to the Internet at large. But now that it appears most companies are taking steps to deal with the OpenSSL flaw (affected sites, including Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook, Tumblr, Yahoo, and YouTube, have all released patches), and everyone’s become used to the idea that the Internet has had a massive security hole for the last two years that no one seemed to know about—the discussion has shifted a bit.

Yesterday TechCrunch called Heartbleed: “The first security bug with a cool logo”—a cynical sentiment echoing around the Internet right now. Not only could you download the Heartbleed logo right from the Heartbleed website, Codenomicon, the Finnish company that first discovered and brought attention to the flaw, has been called out for capitalizing on all the brouhaha. And brands have also gotten in on the action. Hey, Heartbleed is hot right now.

Here’s the buzz:

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